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Istanbul, Eusoff is Coming

This is the continuation of the previous entry. It is all about Istanbul. The experience that we had might not be as great as others (travelling with family as compared travelling with friends/ solo is totally different). For this particular trip, i did not do enough research as it was more like a getaway and go with the flow (and weather condition) but i have my personal reason of why i did not have specific itinerary ready for this particular trip.  We arrived in Yenikapi port Istanbul at roughly 8pm. The plan was simple, go straight to the hotel and rest for the rest of the night. Booking a hotel in Istanbul is not easy for us coz there are simply too much choices. Hahahaha. Blame it on the indecisiveness. We agreed to stay within the old town area of Istanbul, which do scale down of the place we wish to spend our days in Istanbul. Still too many choices at a very competitive price. Then we agreed on one thing, to not stay in the chain hotels, but go for boutique-s

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