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My Travelling Tips - To Minimize Cost

Often we read about people who shares about their budget travel and all. For me, it is an interesting read because you can get lots of ideas from their travel. Furthermore they share their experience and it is up to others to fully follow the ideas or adjust here and there to fit into own personal plan.
I am not an expert on budget traveling. I do travel on budget but there certain things that i am not willing to go that low just to save on expenses. Maybe due to the fact nowadays i am traveling with my wife and our 2 year old son. Priority change, style also changed. Here I want to share some of my personal experience in minimizing the cost. Not necessarily the cheapest way, but just a bit lower and more affordable. 
Airlines Membership
I am not talking about the frequent flyer programme (although i will write something about it later), but more focused into the membership that some budget airlines offered. For instance i will take Wizz Air as an example (because i have experience us…

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