MATTA Fair March 2014

One of my favorite event of the is the time of the year where you can see people who loves travelling gathered at one place in search for the good travel deals...also first hand information about the places they want to go...

The flight ticket deals are really good as well...among the best catch of the day...

Kuala Lumpur - Amsterdam return all in via Etihad Airways = RM2,061
Kuala Lumpur - Moscow return all in via Etihad Airways = RM2,240
Kuala Lumpur - Venice & Rome - Kuala Lumpur (open-jaw ticket) via Lufthansa all in = RM2,560
Kuala Lumpur - Chicago return all in via Etihad Airways = RM3,550
Kuala Lumpur - Nairobi return all in via Etihad Airways = RM2,500
Kuala Lumpur - Paris return all in via Etihad Airways = RM2,200
Kuala Lumpur - Istanbul return all in via Etihad Airways = RM1,760

These are among the deals that i managed to get...most of it are Etihad...but sadly non of it for me...its for my travel buddies...huwaaaa...but i still felt good to clinch those deals even it was not for myself...then they also learnt one important thing...having an information prior going there is extremely helpful...because in the end its not what you want...but how to ask for what you need that matters...

For instance...a very good friend of mine wanted to go to Italy for their second honeymoon...their target is to get to Rome...they have specific date in mind (but bear in mind that you need to adjust it accordingly to get the best deal)...the flight ticket to Rome return is beyond their budget when they first asked for it...that's where i came in...adjusting the dates 1 or 2 days before and after does help...the if flying to Rome directly is more expensive then you have to re-route it to the nearest lower airfare comes to the nearest city to the country...then there's the question of connecting flights of which could be significantly pricier compared to fly in directly...when it comes to this...try to re-route it to a different angle....make it open-jaw ticket...but need to be sure that the airlines cater to both this case several airlines goes to several different cities in Italy from Malaysia...proposed for a slightly different route...flying in to one city and depart from another...the most plausible solution for Italy is to fly in to the northern city (Milan or Venice) and flying out from Rome (or the other way around)...there will be a different option lying around to choose...go for the lowest and we end up with Lufthansa with transit via Frankfurt for a few hours...voila...done... sounds a bit complicated but knowing it well does help you to actually advise the agent of what you want instead of what they have in works well to our goes to other deals as well...i am truly satisfied with the outcome...eventhough its not for myself...but the fact that i help a good friend to her satisfaction really made my day...can't wait for MATTA fair in September...hopefully they have good deal such as this by then...because i know that my gap time is towards the end of the year...what ever it is...i am still glad and satisfied with the deals we get for MATTA Fair March 2014...



Merah Baldu said…
i've never been to matta fair..pity should try once kann

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