In Bruges

This entry is a lil bit overdue. We went to Bruges last year for a day trip from Brussels. It was part of my DIY so-called honeymoon. The 4th city after Doha, Paris and Brussels. I will fill in more about other cities in my next entries.

We took the return train from Brussels. It cost about EUR27.60 return per person. Took about 1 hour train ride from Brussels. Since it was winter, the daylight was shorter than usual. It went dark at about 6pm. The train was comfortable and stunning views of the Belgium countryside accompany us throughout the train ride. Reached Bruges train station and immediately we went to the bus stand outside of the train station and took the return bus ticket to the central of Bruges which cost about EUR3.20. If you are feeling adventurous, you can actually walk. It might take about 15-20 mins depending on how fast you walk. Since i was with wifey, had to be a bit considerate. Hahaha.

We get down from the bus at the centre. Not sure what was the name of the place but its like a big square surrounded by beautiful medieval-looking buildings. Since it was near Christmas, they had the ice-skating in the middle of the square. You can also take a ride on the horse carriage for a fee. We did neither of that. We went for a walk instead. Bruges is indeed a beautiful city with canals and ancient buildings. I do not know what else to do in Bruges except basking into the scenery. It was a honeymoon after all. 

One of the must do in any part of Belgium. Have belgian waffles and belgian chocolates. We did just that. We stop by this one cafe by the canals and ordered belgian waffles and belgian hot chocolates. It tasted amazing. I think it was the atmosphere that accompany us during that time that had made it so enjoyable. 

We return to the square and had french fries. Hahaha. Just killing time and relax. Then went to hunt for some memorabilia for me to take home. I bought a fridge magnet and a snow globe. Then as usual, i bought some postcard and send postcard to myself, my parents and some of my travel buddies. It is just a thing that we do whenever we travel abroad. Send ourselves postcards. Perfect reminder of the fascinating days of travelling. Then we return back to the train station and headed back to Brussels. In the end, we did not spend much except taking pictures. 

Bruges was one of the city in the list that i have not been yet. So when i went there with wifey, it was the first time for both of us. It was perfect getaway from the hecticness of Brussels. You should watch the movie In Bruges starring Colin Farrell to see how the city looks like. As for me, i had been there and it was plastered in my memory as In Bruges.



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