Rayyan Eusoff Going Places

When i first planned for a trip to Europe with my dear baby, Rayyan Eusoff, i got plenty of reaction. Some are excited for it while some others expressed their dismay saying that he is too young and he won't remember a thing. 

Well, being an avid traveler, i welcome the challenges ahead of trying to travel with my son (and wifey of course) in a long haul flight. This time around it was to the Netherlands. It did not stop there. Then we went all the way to Geneva and the border of France and Switzerland, Voltaire. 

Bringing a baby along (3 months old) was indeed a challenge. But it was nothing impossible. Alhamdulillah, we had tremendous travel adventure. One i will elaborate more in my upcoming entries segregated into our Netherlands and Swiss experience.

We just got back early this morning to Malaysia. Everything went well and for this travel i had to do a lot of research about taking care of a baby in winter and to take care of the baby while we are on-the-go.

Look out for my entries.



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