Rayyan Eusoff Goes Switzerland

After much sightseeing in the Netherlands, that weekend we went to Geneva. Bought return ticket Amsterdam-Geneva via Easyjet for RM875 for the three of us (infant fare is EUR26 flat for one way).

Took the early morning flight from Schiphol and arrived in Geneva about 1 hour 30 mins later. The airport is not as big as Schiphol and it was rather easy to navigate your way around. The airport provide a complimentary train ride to Cornavin, the central station in town. Just pick up the tickets at the luggage belt. However, lucky for us, my friend picked us up from the airport and went straight to her house in Meyrin instead. Her house is just a walking distance from France. No joking. We were literally going back and forth between the two countries in just a few minutes. Hahahaha. We went to France just to buy some groceries and went back to Switzerland in just a few minutes.

Once we settled down and put the luggage in her house, we went on 45 minutes drive to the outlet mall in Aubonne. Don't expect JPO-like outlet. It is a mall complex with several shops selling discounted products. Not much high-end fancy brands but it was okay enough. I managed to buy a Reebok baby shoes for Eusoff for CHF17~RM50. Wifey got herself a handbag. Myself? Nothing. Hahaha.

We return to town and went directly to the UN office. It was still early but since it was winter, the daylight went out quite fast. By 5pm it was already dark. We took pictures in front of the UN Office and the famous broken chair. However the pics are rather dark and Eusoff was totally covered from head to toe as the wind were quite strong. You can't see his face underneath all those clothing. Hahaha.

Rest for the nite then resume the next morning. 

My friend has something to do that day, so we were on our own. I have no problem with that since i already practically planned how to spend the day. At first i was thinking to go to Mont Blanc or some excursion out of Geneva. But then again, wifey never experienced Geneva and i have another friend in Geneva. So we went out to the town. Took the one day tram pass for CHF10. On Sunday the tram pass covered for 2 persons. Eusoff is still an infant so there were no charge for him. The tram is very baby-friendly as it was easy for me to just push my stroller inside the tram since the platform and the tram entrance was at the same level. There were even a signage of where the family with babies could sit.

Reached Cornavin (the central station) and started our walk. The famous lake Geneva is just 10 mins walk away from Cornavin. Along the way, there were Christmas market and you can find halal restaurants as well. No worries there.

Met up with a friend who brought us to have this fantastic cheese fondue for lunch. As we requested for non-alcoholic cheese fondue, the restaurant exchange the wine with apple cider. It tasted marvelous. I would suggest anyone who are going to Geneva to try it out. But it was kinda steep CHF29 per person.

The we just took a stroll along the bridge to the old town of Geneva. Climbed up the hill to the Palais Du Justice. Then we just walk and walk and took as much pictures as possible. We said our goodbyes to my friend for entertaining us the whole afternoon and went back to my friend's house. Since it was dark even at 7pm we just immediately freshen up and packed our things for our early morning flight back to Amsterdam.

The next morning we woke up and headed straight to the airport. But the security check was hectic in the morning, better be prepared to be there earlier to avoid any mishap. I ran to the gate to ensure that we are not barred from boarding the flight. Also to ask them to wait for wifey and Eusoff as wifey had to walk slower since Eusoff was sleeping. We managed and fly off to Amsterdam.

Officially Switzerland was the second country that Eusoff has visited. Unofficially we also made that 1 hour trip to France just to buy some groceries (Voltaire and Geneva shared borders). It was interesting experience. How to travel with babies. Before this i always heard lots of comments of how difficult it is to travel with babies but in our case it was a smooth experience. I enjoyed it tremendously. Now i already started thinking of where am i going to bring Eusoff for our next travel. Eventhough Eusoff won't have any recollection of all these trip, i will one day tell him a story of Rayyan Eusoff goes Switzerland.



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