Living in Abu Dhabi

As the title said it all. I have been relocated to Abu Dhabi since end of February 2016. So this entry will not be about traveling to Abu Dhabi. Instead it will be more about going around Abu Dhabi and hopefully the rest of the Emirates. 

Living and traveling to one place is different. When you travel you can basically plan the whole trip and make the best out of your budget based on a short period of time. Living on the other hand involves getting to know the city thoroughly and the lens will not only focused as a traveler but expanded towards living like a local. Or almost like one. 

Rayyan Eusoff and wifey joined me few days ago after i settled down and managed to get a basic idea of living in Abu Dhabi. Hopefully it could ease them with the transition of moving to a completely new world. Malaysia and UAE are different in plenty of ways especially the way of life. 

This is the first entry of the series of living in Abu Dhabi. More to come soon.



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