Rayyan Eusoff goes Czech Republic

Czech Republic is not exactly an obvious choice to go for a holiday. At least not for Asians. In comparison with the countries in Western Europe, countries in the Eastern Europe are hardly noticed. But of course, it is always a new experience. Especially for Rayyan Eusoff and wifey. This time around, we planned for two cities in Czech Republic, Prague and Karlovy Vary respectively. 

We flown via Smartwings from Dubai to Prague. Smartwings is one of two low-cost airlines that flies direct to Prague, with the other one being Flydubai. The ticket cost AED2,500 return for three of us including 15kg check-in luggage and meal. Rather affordable as compared to other airlines. Flydubai also cost almost the same as they were also having promo tickets to Prague that time which include meals and 20kg check-in luggage. The main difference between the two airlines, aside from the services, is the timing. Smartwings' flight timing is 7.30 p.m. from Dubai and 10.30 a.m. from Prague and flies three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) while Flydubai's operates daily flight and fly 8.10 a.m. from Dubai and 1.30 p.m. from Prague. The flight took 6 hours and 30 mins from Dubai to Prague. 

Arrived in Prague in the middle of the night, the taxi from Prague Airport to the city cost about EUR25~KC600. We were lucky enough that a friend of ours picked us up from the airport and we stay at his home for the length of our trip.

The following day we went for sightseeing in the town and also i went for Friday prayers in the muslim centre in the town centre. The prayer hall consisted of two-storey building near the train station. It is not exactly visible from the street but it is rather easy to find. There is a restaurant that serves halal food within the area. As the first leg of our journey will be in Czech for 4 days, we bought the 72 hours transport pass which cost EUR12~KC310.

Sightseeing in Prague is rather enjoyable. As compared to the last time i went during Winter, Summer was packed with people. Each and every corner of the city was filled with tourist especially the tourist spots like the Old Town Square. Prior to that we went for sightseeing in a park near the apartment which boasted magnificent view of the city. 

Karlovy Vary was our destination after Prague. Took a Regionjet bus from Florenc bus station. The ticket was rather affordable. It was EUR6 one way, return was EUR12. There was wifi on the bus, and complimentary drink as well as LCD to watch movies (there was no entertainment LCD in the Smartwings flight). The journey took 2 hours and we departed at 8.00 a.m. from Prague, returning from Karlovy Vary at 8.00 p.m. Day trip for 12 hours, including the journey time. Karlovy Vary was beautiful. We just walked along the river, had lunch and coffee in between, and spent the day away in the city nestled between mountains. Sounds rather romantic. Eventhough it was marred by rain in between, we were actually feeling blessed as there are no rain in the UAE. Hahaha. We took our time to relax, walk and enjoy the atmosphere. 

The first day in Prague, the sightseeing was done in the city centre, so the third day we went up to the Prague Castle. Must visit place in Prague. Stood majestic above the hill overlooking the city, Prague Castle offers a view to die for. Went up with a tram, and went down by walking straight to the Charles Bridge then continued to the city centre. Can't get enough with the beauty of the town. The old buildings, the gothic architecture, the river, the hills, everything blends well to create an unforgettable memory.

We left Prague for Rome the following day and it will be updated in the next entry.

This marks the third time for me to Prague. The first time was in Spring, the second time in Winter and this time around during Summer. Each time it offers different perspective of the city and never fail to enchant me. For me Prague is one of those cities that you don't have to spend to enjoy. You would be happy by just walking around, then have a cup of coffee on top of the hill overlooking the city. In term of cost, it is also not beyond reach. EUR2~KC49 can get you a nice cup of cafe latte. For EUR6~KC149 could get you a hearty muslim meal. The rest of the days could be spend by just taking its tram and go around the city. One of the best thing about the city is also that the public transport are rather baby family. Pushing Rayyan Eusoff around in the baby stroller is not a problem at all. This is also will be Rayyan Eusoff's final trip before he reach 2 years in few days. After this, instead of paying 10%, Eusoff's ticket fare will be almost the same price like abah and mama. But regardless, it won't deter Abah to bring Eusoff around the world. This time its time for Rayyan Eusoff goes Czech Republic.



Hanis Amanina said…
Hehe but so many Asians here, I am telling you. Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese as well. I am so happy that people love Prague a lot, I have stayed here for the past 5 years yet am still in love with the city. 😊😊

Resm A. said…
I noticed there are many asians in Prague. Especially Vietnamese. For Korean, mostly thanks to their drama series such as Lovers in Prague that popularize the city to the Koreans.

But honestly, Prague is not exactly their first choice, even for Malaysian to go for first holiday. People still prefer western europe. But i love Prague. Been there 3 times and planning to go again this winter. Memang teringin nak main main salji plak. hahaha.
Hanis Amanina said…
yepp, that's right for Korean, even I heard that Korean Airlines have some share in Czech Airlines that's why you can see Korean language on signboards at the airport.

Agree with you! Most Malaysians don't even know where exactly Czech is. Even me myself few years ago. Haha. Do come again! I would suggest Spindleruv Mlyn if you wanna go skiing / snowboarding.


Resm A. said…
Next time nak pergi gak Cesky Krumlov. My friend suggested that and maybe that 2 days trip to Bratislava. Dah dekat sangat. You still living in Prague?
Hanis Amanina said…
Yesssss, Cesky Krumlov is a must! :D Cesky Krumlov is closer to Hallstatt if you wanna have another 2days trip. Haven't been there but I am pretty sure it is more worth to go rather than Bratislava. Haha

Actually, saya tak tinggal kat Prague. But, another city about 2 hours from Prague - called Hradec Kralove. Prague is my second home jugak lah kat Czech ni, selalu turun lepak rumah kawan2 kat sana.

Senang tak nak dpt makanan halal di Prague?
Resm A. said…
Senang juga dapat makanan halal. ada satu masjid kat tengah town, situ ada kedai makanan halal.

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