There is Always a Reason to Travel

Prior to 25 October 2013

When i was still single

I convinced myself that i have to travel before getting married because the expenditure will double afterwards.

After 25 October 2013 and before 25 August 2014

When i got married

I convinced my WIFE (no longer need to convince myself) that we have to travel before getting a child otherwise it will not be easy to travel with small baby.

25 August 2014 onwards

When i became a father

We convinced each other (wifey was bitten by the travel bug) that it is good to travel while Eusoff is still young (3 months when we went to Amsterdam) so he won't run and easier to manage.

When Eusoff is 1 years old

We think that it will be nice to travel when Eusoff started to walk. We don't have to carry him around anymore and it is easier to travel.

Before 25 August 2016

When Eusoff is nearly 2 years old

We convinced ourselves to travel one more time before we have to pay for child fare instead of infant fare (for babies less than 24 months old). Then we just have to relax before taking our next trip. 

22 September 2016

When Eusoff is 2 years and 1 months old

We just want to travel before we have another child. 

This is actually a true story. All the reasons created of why the travel has to be taken at that point of our life. But along the way we always come up with another reason just to travel. If you are a travel junkie, no matter what the reason behind your motivation to travel, you will always go for it regardless. Coz in the end, we cannot lie to ourselves, there is always a reason to travel.



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