Europe in My Mind - Alternative Routes - KL - Istanbul - Basel - Brussels - Paris - London - Istanbul - KL

I am finding further alternatives for the possible routes for the eurotrip...this time around...i try to find a different point of one of the city i had always wanted to visit...Istanbul...since MAS flies to Istanbul and has good promo fare to Istanbul on the selected well as Istanbul is also covered by Easyjet...that make it all the alternative route goes like this...

KL - Istanbul - Basel - Brussels - Paris - London - Istanbul - KL

KL - Istanbul via MAS = RM2,465

Istanbul - Basel - Brussels / London - Istanbul via Easyjet = RM760

Brussels - Paris via Thalys train = RM120
Paris - London via Eurostar train = RM200

The total fare for this route will be within the projected budget is about RM3,480/-

Still thinking about the possibilities...but this will be a good well as swinging in cities that wasn't in the original plan...I know there are lots of things i can do in Istanbul...not sure about Basel though...other than that...the timing was perfect for the connecting cities...but this is only of the few options that i had drawn up...and the date also change a bit...its going to be 19 - 31 December 2012...ermmm...

Still very much in dream on mode...just sorting things out...maybe it will be possible...lets see how it goes another entry series for Europe in My Mind...alternative routes...KL - Istanbul - Basel - Brussels - Paris - London - Istanbul - KL...



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