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Some people likes to take pictures of landscape and views in the countries that they had been too...but i have to include me in the pics...hahaha...coz i can easily download those breathtakingly beautiful pics from the net...and it is way better than if i have to take it better as well i just take a pics of myself at those places that i had been...coz i can't just download a picture of myself at those places in the net...hehehe...

Bandung, Indonesia
Kobe, Japan
Tianjin, China
Phuket, Thailand
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Solo, Indonesia
Ise, Japan
Bangkok, Thailand
Beijing, China
Angkor, Cambodia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Dubai, UAE
Kyoto, Japan
Badaling, China
Krabi, Thailand
Osaka, Japan
Bali, Indonesia
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Toba, Japan
Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Kameyama, Japan

Overall i had been to most of the ASEAN +3 countries (Cik Hayati already completed it)...what's left are Myanmar which i think not in the recent time as the visa alone cost USD100...errrrr...Brunei which i think i will just go one of these days...maybe have to wait for Awang and Zetty to go then i follow if they let me lah...Laos on the other hand is among the top list of countries i wish to visit...maybe next year if everything goes well...Hadi already asked me whether i want to go there...of course i want lah...last but not least of course the recently became among Malaysians favourite international up i still have 3 more ASEAN countries to complete and 1 more +3 countries left...

Insya allah...panjang umur murah rezeki i will be able to finish it all...then move on to other countries...then resume with my collection of photos from all around the world...



marmalade said…
i haven't been to myanmar and laos sahaja. but i've completed the +3 countries (china, japan and korea) but NOT ASEAN+3. geddit geddit? when we say plus three maknanya just china, japan and korea jelah. kalau ASEAN+3 then it would be all the 10 ASEAN countries plus china, japan, korea.

huhuhuh. sorry explain panjang pulak hihihi.
cik hayati :
owh yeah...lupa lak u belum pergi itu Myanmar and for Myanmar i tak gi kot in the recent time...jom Laos next year dengan Hadi mau? for Korea tu plak memang i ikot Jepp je...senang...hahaha...

p.s: basically you completed Asean+3 except 2 asean countries lah kan...demmm...still lagi banyak dari i...hahaha...
marmalade said…
bila bila bila? i ada member kat laos, nanti boleh mintak tolong dia kut. hihihi. ajaklah ina, nedd, azrin skali :)
wahhhh...jom jom jom...nanti kita bincang over coffee with hadi skali...
missbehave said…
salam akmal...i like ur 1st pic bandung, weather kinnda like sum up the whole picca, then ur angkor picca, pastuh gamba in UAE..kewl ;] ..another one ur beijing picca hehehehhe tgh membegger kamera hehhehhe last but not least ur osaka...hmmm ini mmg gamba ala ala modell ekkk ;]

oh yeah note to cik hayati kite...tknak ajak i gakk ke next year laos?? ahaksssss
missbehave :
thanks...hehehe...but the credit should go to the photographers who had photographed my pics beautifully...i ni memang tak kalau dapat gambar nak elok skit u dah gumbira sudeh...hahaha...among all memang my favorite is the Bandung pic...berangan la ala model sket...hahaha...

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