Photos From All Around The World - Europe

Memories captured in a single photograph spelt millions of unspoken words...its also a piece of memory captured in a piece of paper that i had been there at one point of my life...i do like to dream on going to places...especially europe...ever since i was young...back then i could only read movies...and listen to other people's owh my...dreams do come true...

London, England
Prague, Czech Republic
Zurich, Switzerland
Rome, Italy
The Hague, Holland
Brussels, Belgium
Karlovyvary, Czech Republic
Newcastle, England
Venice, Italy
Rudesheim, Germany
Luzern, Switzerland
Ruzyne, Czech Republic
Innsbruck, Austria
Paris, France
Bad Tolz, Germany
Milan, Italy
Salzburg, Austria
Amsterdam, Holland
Frankfurt, Germany
Edinburgh, Scotland
Keukenhof, Holland
Munich, Germany

I might be a dreamer with so many places to dream on...when i feel a bit stressed out...i went on and google those interesting places over the net...its an does take away some of that stress...hehehe...i am dreaming of eastern european blocks as well as the scandinavian countries...also going for that famous day without night trip in St. Petersburg...visiting the old muslim civilisation in Spain...ermmm...too much dreaming lah...

Next on my dreams' another continent...Africa and Americas...when...not sure...for the time being i going to keep on dreaming on it...then i can resume on dreaming to have photos from all around the world...



Estia Nyopieh said…
I'm very glad that you live up to your dream! Go on exploring the world! The world is in fact a book and those who do not travel read only one page. ;). Big applause to you.

Akmal, I'd love to see more of your pics taken that shows the life of the local, their daily chores - to capture expression that leaves the viewer 101 perceptions - of course if time permits.

Keep up the awesome journey! LIVE YOUR DREAM!
estia :
thanks estia...i do love exploring...and will continue to do...hehehe...i do have picture collections of locals as does give some other hindsight of the respective countries i had been to...maybe next journey...

p.s:when are you coming back to Malaysia?
Mimie said…
No wonder i felt like "I've seen this guy somewhere before"...
U r the friend of Estia's husband, George right?
missbehave said…
heyy akmal, ok taken an inspiration from u today updating..mmg sejak dua menjak mmg sgt worth of a thousand memories...insyAllah until i tak hilang akal, all the best of memories are kept within safely ;]
luv seeing all ur photos, reminded me of a places been before too ;]..too bad some are inside my laptop yg crash..hopefully leh recover balik ;[
Mimie :
Yess we are friends...we are in the same batch in the same govt service...
Missbehave :
I tak sabar nak tambah koleksi lagi...hahaha...i would love to see your pic collection as well... :p
Lily Riani said…
best nye idup..... leh masuk i dlm luggage dak? ehheh
Lily Riani :
I rasa you lagi banyak travel daripada i...i read your blog too...hehehe...

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